About ConnectedGreen

Since 2017 we are helping landscaping companies, municipalities, nurseries, and water boards with working smarter and more efficient. We do this by combining our knowledge about trees and plants with the ‘Internet of Things’. Our customers have already installed more than 1500 sensors in The Netherlands and beyond. We are a young and innovative company with a culture of thinking in chances and opportunities.

We collaborate with several knowledge partners like labs (Eurofins Agro), horticultural specialists, (eco) hydrologists and hardware suppliers (Sensoterra, Tentacles Innovation).


Sensoren in groene verticale wand

Why we do what we do

Our mission

The mission of ConnectedGreen is to develop smart technology to make the world a greener place. Although green is crucial for the well-being of humans and our planet, (urban) green is not self-evident at all these days. Too often, green -unfairly- needs to compete with ‘grey’. To be able to let nature flourish in less natural places like city centers, on fly-overs or roofs, monitoring is necessary.

The ‘Internet of Things’ offers a lot of opportunities for landscaping. But only technology is not enough. It is essential to interpret the data and translate it into practical actions. And that is where we see our role, by enriching technology with domain knowledge.

We believe that smart systems can help to do more with the same or less means. Which is sustainable and at the same time leads to more green.

Groenproject in de stad
ConnectedGreen online monitoringsplatform

The System

Platform and wireless sensors

The ConnectedGreen system consists of wireless sensors, a smart GreenCloud environment and a user-friendly app for use on a computer and phone.

The dashboard shows in a clear way what needs to be done in which project. Users can also set notifications or alerts, which are sent if certain actions need to be initiated. Clients or contractors can see their own information by using a ‘viewer’ account. Finally, all data can be exported for archiving or further analysis.

The ConnectedGreen sensors operate without Wifi, SIM card or gateway and register several factors that are necessary to let plants and trees thrive. The sensors are placed in different ‘zones’, which are areas with similar plants/trees, orientation and/or ‘behavior’. Because every type of plant, tree and soil type has different ‘preferences’ for example for soil moisture, temperature and light.

Because 90% of failures of trees or plants is caused by lack of – or too much – water, most sensors we sell are soil moisture sensors. We also sell sensors that measure temperature and light intensity. Because the system is hardware-agnostic, sensors from other suppliers can be added. All our sensors operate on Lora or Sigfox, this makes the batteries last 5 to 10 years. And of course this makes it easy to move sensors to new projects, once they are not needed anymore at the initial location.

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