How does it work?

ConnectedGreen is an innovative solution that enables businesses and organizations to effectively monitor and manage green projects. With ConnectedGreen, you can collect real-time data about the health and well-being of your green spaces, allowing you to take timely action to protect and improve them. Below is an overview of the process to implement and use ConnectedGreen.

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To learn more about ConnectedGreen and how it can help your business, you can request a whitepaper. The whitepaper provides detailed information about the functionalities, benefits, and technical specifications of ConnectedGreen.

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The knowledge question

What data and projects do you need?
Before you can implement ConnectedGreen, it’s important to establish the required data and project information. ConnectedGreen can collect and analyze data using sensors that are placed at strategic locations. Depending on your needs, these sensors can collect various types of data, such as soil moisture. It’s also important to determine which specific green projects you want to monitor and manage with ConnectedGreen.

Company-wide or project-based approach

When implementing ConnectedGreen, you can choose between a company-wide approach or a project-based approach. In a company-wide approach, for instance, sensors are placed at multiple locations throughout your entire operation, providing you with an overall view of the health of your green spaces. In a project-based approach, specific sensors are placed for a certain project or a specific location.

Order sensors

After determining your needs and approach, we can advise you the amount of sensors you need. You can order the necessary sensors from ConnectedGreen. These sensors come with instructions for installation and use.

ConnectedGreen enables businesses to monitor and manage their green projects in an advanced manner. By collecting real-time data and performing analyses, you can proactively respond to changes in your green spaces and gain valuable insights to improve them.


As soon as you have received the sensors, ConnectedGreen will guide you through the onboarding process. This takes place online during the onboarding, you will receive detailed instructions on how to install the sensors. We link the sensors for you to the ConnectedGreen platform. We personally set up the program for you and explain how you can access the collected data.

Follow-up on satisfaction

ConnectedGreen places great value on your satisfaction. After the implementation of ConnectedGreen, follow-up will take place to ensure everything is going as desired. If you have questions or need assistance, the ConnectedGreen team is ready to support you.

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