Monitoring with soil moisture sensors

Using wireless sensors and data-driven technology, ConnectedGreen provides a comprehensive tool for remotely monitoring and optimizing the health and growth of plants, trees, and other greenery.

The soil moisture sensor

Measuring moisture

The sensor measures soil moisture levels and is linked to the soil’s suction tension in the dashboard, resulting in a specific moisture characteristic (pF curve).

Through an IoT (Internet of Things) connection, this data is communicated to our dashboard via the sensor. The connection utilizes KPN and Sigfox’s LoRa network, known for its low energy consumption.

The soil moisture sensors consume very little energy. The batteries last a minimum of 3 years – but in practice, they can last up to 5 years, and in some cases, even up to 10 years.

Installing the soil moisture sensors

For various green projects

ConnectedGreen’s sensors can be discreetly concealed under a drainage cap, mulch or bark, coconut mat, or wooden cover. They can even be partially buried, as long as they are not covered by metal.

The soil moisture sensors are versatile and suitable for:

  • Lawns and grassy areas
  • Perennial plants, small and large shrubs, and trees
  • Beds, containers, and roof and wall greenery

In short, they are suitable for any green project.

Setting up the soil moisture sensors

For efficient use

Everything comes together in the monitoring platform.

You link indicator trees, containers, and beds to various projects and categorize or assign the sensors to underlying locations.

Based on soil type and plant type, the threshold values for monitoring are automatically determined. You have the option to finely adjust these threshold values online for optimal alignment.

ConnectedGreen's monitoring platform

Instant insight into the status of all your projects

ConnectedGreen promotes collaboration and data sharing among green managers, clients, and other stakeholders. ‘Managers’ are assigned per project as users. By providing access to the same data, involved parties can collaborate more transparently and gain a better understanding of the on-site situation. This prevents confusion and post-project disputes.

Set up automatic notifications and alerts to ensure your green project is never too dry or too wet. The created notifications are tracked in a logbook and are easy to export for analysis.

The clear dashboard provides an overview of the status of all your projects.

What features are included in the dashboard?

Clear dashboard

Manage all projects and users from one dashboard.

Map viewer

Precisely locate your projects and sensors on the map.

Workflow support

Use the platform to manage workflows related to your green projects.

Extensive analysis and export options

Export and analyze all data collected by the soil moisture sensors.

Data from over 2400 trees and perennial plants

Includes all trees from the Van den Berk catalog and all perennial plants from Griffioen.

Calibration for the most common soil types

Export and analyze all data collected by the soil moisture sensors.

Want to learn more?

For more information on available sensors and pricing, download our whitepaper. 

Download our whitepaper

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