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The year 2023 starts with a promising beginning to the dry season

The drought season has begun, and fortunately, the starting position seems favorable. That is good news because in previous years, drought has had significant consequences not only for our nature, agriculture, and drinking water but also for the economy. For this year, it appears that there is sufficient groundwater and surface water to withstand the drought period well. The groundwater level is higher in many areas compared to previous years.

Author: Isabelle Horneman

We must remain vigilant!

We naturally didn’t expect anything different in the Netherlands, but the KNMI emphasizes that we still need to remain vigilant during this time. During the summer months, there is still a possibility of a precipitation deficit, which can cause groundwater levels to decline once again. Additionally, high temperatures and abundant sunlight can lead to rapid soil drying due to water evaporation. It is therefore important not to be too easily satisfied and to remain alert to developments during the drought season, something we fortunately have experience with by now.

The importance of sustainable and responsible water management

In addition to staying alert, it is also important to remain aware of the importance of sustainable and responsible water management. Only in this way can we ensure that we have enough water to live and work in the future. This means that we need to use water sparingly and invest in restoring the natural water balance. But it also means that we need to continue innovating and developing new technologies to optimize our water management.

Bewust omgaan met Being conscious about water

It is important to be conscious about water. This can be done by residents of the Netherlands, for example, by using drinking water sparingly, such as taking shorter showers and turning off the tap while brushing teeth. But farmers, gardeners, governments, and water boards can also contribute by setting up their irrigation systems in a way that saves water and does not excessively wet the soil. Greenery itself also has a water requirement, and in times of drought and water shortage, greenery can exacerbate the problem. This is where ConnectedGreen can make a contribution. With ConnectedGreen’s soil moisture sensors and monitoring platform, it is possible to measure when your greenery needs water, ensuring that you never give too much water and no longer waste water.

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