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The foundation

The ConnectedGreen platform

ConnectedGreen is a smart solution for remote monitoring of landscaping projects, trees, beds, lawns, roof- and vertical gardens

The system is made up of wireless sensors, a smart Cloud environment and user- friendly apps for different stakeholders – contractors and clients.

A clear, structured dashboard shows the status of all your projects at a glance. The system sends a message if something needs to be done. And all finished tasks are stored in the logbook.

The most user-friendly platform on the market, with:

  • Super simple dashboard that shows the status of your projects at a glance
  • Data of more than 2400 trees and plants: all trees from the ‘Van den Berk’ catalog and all perennials from Griffioen
  • Standard calibrations for the 10 most used soil types in landscaping
  • User management to easily share projects
  • Extensive data export functionality
  • Integrated weather data
  • Fully configurable alarms and notifications
  • Mapping component for storing sensor locations
  • Integration with asset management software, Smart City and GIS

Hardware independent:

  • Plug-and-play wireless sensors can be installed invisibly in public spaces
  • Different lengths available, to measure soil moisture at root depth
  • Robust design, easy installation and easy to move to another location
  • Super energy efficient with >3 years battery life – or with replaceable battery
ConnectedGreen Bodemvochtsensor
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Added value

The benefits of ConnectedGreen

Save precious water and time by optimizing watering

Provide the right quantities of water - only if it's needed, and gain better insight in environmental factors.

Save on replacements under warranty through early warnings

Research shows that more than 90% of failing trees and plants is caused by either not enough or too much water. Monitoring helps preventing this.

Save time and CO2 through less project visits

Projects require less visits just to check how the plants are doing. This means less time spent and less vehicle movements.

More benefits

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Looking for more information?

Receive our white paper to learn more about the benefits of a data driven workflow and optimal sensor management.

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Looking for more information?

Receive our white paper and learn about the benefits of a data driven workflow and optimal sensor management.