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Enhancing green by connecting nature

With smart soil moisture measurements, you transform every green project into a success, with optimal watering, prevention of plant loss, and fewer project visits.

We strengthen green spaces by connecting nature and innovation.

Measuring soil moisture

Your partner in smart green management

Whether you are responsible for green management in the city, countryside, gardens, parks, or sports fields, our solution is suitable for various applications.

We are here for landscapers, municipalities, gardeners, provinces, growers, water boards, and anyone involved in managing and maintaining green projects.

These organizations are already working smarter with ConnectedGreen.

Wireless monitoring

Optimal growth conditions and efficient water management

In a world where greenery no longer merely adorns our streets but serves as a powerful tool for urban transformation, improved well-being, and climate change mitigation, wireless monitoring stands as the key to success.

Measuring soil moisture is essential to ensure optimal growth conditions for trees and plants while promoting efficient water management.

Efficiency, growth, and sustainability in one green platform

The benefits of ConnectedGreen

Water and time savings through watering optimization

Deliver the right amount of water, only when needed.

Reduction in plant loss through timely alerting

Research shows that approximately 90% of plant loss is caused by either too much or too little water. Monitoring prevents this.

Time and CO2 savings through fewer project visits

Projects require fewer site visits, reducing labor hours and vehicle movements.

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